Branding tips for your business

Branding is not easy. It is hard work. Building an image and a culture people can relate to or become a part of is an ongoing effort. Just look around your house or the next time you're in your favorite store. The products or companies your associate with didn't get in your favor overnight, they fought their way there by persistently refining their branding to achieve you as their customer. Here are a few tips to create an exciting, engaging, meaningful brand.

Set goals

The first piece of advice we give our clients when working through a branding campaign is that we need to set some goals or objectives for what we want to be known for. This is critical as you build a brand because you need to measure how successful you're able to resonate with your customers.

Find and profile advocates

If your business has an extensive history or you're just looking to pivot your brand, find and profile current customers. More often than not, these customers exemplify what you want to be known for and they likely have some valuable feedback regarding their experience with your brand. Not to mention, there is little people trust more than the encouraging words of a fellow customer. 

Develop your visual identity & style

The most common thing people think of when they hear the name of their favorite store or product is the logo. This is crucial to the success of your branding efforts because it is likely the most-seen piece of your brand. However, it also goes further than just the logo. These days, branding involves creating a unique style and experience for your customers. This could be in the form of the layout of your store, the designs on your coffee cups, the music playing in the background, the typography on your stationery, the type of wood used for shelves, etc. The list goes on and on. It's essential that these pieces of your visual identity ladder back up to your goals and objectives.

Omni-channel experience

With the evolution of e-commerce and the digital shopping experience, it's imperative that your brand is delivered consistently from one platform to the next. Consumers demand consistency in their shopping methods and appreciate when branding ties the experience together. Doing this can provide more trust in your offerings. Remember, you can have amazing mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website, but if they don't work well together it's counter-productive for your brand.


Yes, we mean this in the literal sense. Sleep on it. Some of your best ideas come to you when you sleep. If you're similar to us in any way, you'll know that ideas pop into our brains at the most obscure times. These also turn out to be some of the most revolutionary ideas as they're pulled from the subconscious realities that we typically drill down to extract during the workday. Document these dreams and analyze how they could round out your brand identity.

There you have it. A few simple tips to create an exciting, engaging, more meaningful brand. Tap us to help you accomplish this.

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